Remarks by Ambassador Sohail Mahmood at the Pakistan Mango Festival, Ankara, 2 August 2017

Distinguished Guests,
Ladies & Gentlemen!
Good Afternoon and a very warm welcome to Pakistan House!
We are privileged to have you all here to celebrate the Mango Festival together.
All of us who are familiar with the taste of mangoes know that it is indeed the “King of Fruits.”
Today, we have again brought this “King” fruit to Ankara, for you to enjoy its rich aroma and exotic taste.
Distinguished guests,
You may be aware that more than 100 countries in the world grow mangoes.
With a production of 1.8 million tons per year, Pakistan is the 5th largest producer of mangoes.
Pakistan is also the 6th largest exporter -- exporting mangoes to 57 countries.
But, as Burhan bey always emphasizes, Pakistani mangoes are number 1 in the world in taste.
There are over 110 high quality varieties of mangoes including Sindhri, Anwar Ratul, Lungra, Dusehri, Chaunsa, Malda, Fajri and others.
In the scorching and sizzling heat of Pakistan when temperature rises to 50c, mangoes are enjoyed as a blessing of the season.
Each variety comes in the market at different time and the mango season lasts four months from May to September.
Chaunsa is the most popular variety – and we are serving the White Chaunsa today.
Distinguished guests,
Pakistani Mangoes are known in Turkey, but not available to mango-lovers on a regular basis.
It is our constant endeavour to further popularize Pakistani mangoes, and facilitate their availability in Turkish markets.
I am confident that all our distinguished guests, who are tasting Pakistani mangoes and mango-based products, will widely share this experience in quality and taste and help us in promoting mangoes to consumers and importers alike.
Distinguished Guests,
As you are aware, 2017 marks the 70th Anniversary of Pakistan’s establishment as well as the 70th Year of Pakistan-Turkey diplomatic relations.
We are holding a series of events to celebrate these milestones in a befitting manner. Today’s festival also forms part of these celebrations.
We are indebted to the Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP), and Swissotel Ankara, for their collaboration in making this Festival possible.
I should also note that very soon, Mahwish (my wife) and I, would be moving from Ankara at the completion of a very fulfilling term in Turkey.
I take this opportunity to sincerely thank all our friends who have supported us throughout our stay, and enriched our experience in this exceptionally fraternal country.
We will not say good-bye, but only so long, as we hope to see you again, sometime, somewhere, Insha Allah!

Many thanks and enjoy the evening!

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