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Türkçe Olimpiyatları - pakistan muhammad salman "bu adam benim babam

Pakistani boy Muhammed Salman sings in Turkish “Bu adam benim babam“ during 7.Türkçe Olimpiyatları. The song is from FATIH KISAPARMAK, Copyright: Samanyolu TV
Brief translation: This man is my father, he's wearing an service cap,and a shawl over his shoulders.. hey.. No money in his pockets, he smokes the cheapest cigarettes(bafra) His heart is wounded He's brought up 6 children with a worker salary This man is my father. .hey.. Don't cry my Dad, my helpless DadThe black days will pass away The closed door will open once againAllah is great, my Dad.. This man is my father, his troubles are bigger than mountainsHe's helpless, he's desperate..

İşte Pakistan'ın 'Tatlıses'i

Uluslararası Türkçe Olimpiyatları şarkı ve şiir yarışmasının yarı finali, adını olimpiyat için Türkçeleştiren Anadolu Gösteri ve Kongre Merkezi'nde gerçekleştirildi


Hadiqa Kiani sings Turkish song Live on NKS

A Different Agenda, unique approach - A young Pakistanis’ world tour on a sport bike

ANKARA, 9 December 2011: Moin Khan, a 24-year old fan of sport bikes embarked upon world tour - from San Francisco (USA) to Lahore (Pakistan) and is currently in Turkey with a stop-over in Ankara for his entry to Iran and finally to Pakistan. With the first snowfall in Ankara, this young enthusiast will be leaving for Iran tomorrow.
His agenda - help decrease the gap in people’s perceptions about Pakistan. This young Pakistani wishes to meet as many people as he can and show that common Pakistanis are good people. “Media give negative news about us. My mission is to highlight that all Pakistanis are not terrorists or extremists. They are just normal peop  le as the other people of the world,” remarked Moin.
 Moin began his long journey of over 40,000 kilometres ride to his motherland (Pakistan) on his Honda CBR 600 F4i sport bike from Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco in July. He met an accident in Romania and fortunately recovered within a month from the injuries. A graduate of San Francisco State University, USA, Moin has a vision to bridge the gap between the two continents. He has been stopping at different places, cities and locations meeting people. “I have visited about 20 countries including Canada, Germany, Austria, France, Switzerland, Hungary, Slovania, etc.,” said Moin.
Ambassador of Pakistan to Turkey H.E. Mr. Haroon Shaukat in a meeting with Mr. Moin appreciated his efforts for projecting the soft image of Pakistan. Moin informed that today is the 152nd day since he departed from San Fransisco. Moin said he will be the first rider to complete world tour on Honda CBR 600 F4i sport bike.
He hoped that he will celebrate the New Year with his family in Pakistan. Further information about his expedition project is available on http://www.adifferentagenda.com/

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Friendship, by way of deception! by Naveed Ahmad

Despite losing over two dozen troops to trigger-happy Americans, the Pakistanis are truly in a festive mood. United and relieved, to say the least! 
The burden of a forced marriage is offloaded and, once again, the sanction-hardened nation is ready to pay the price of defiance. Similar was the atmosphere after 1998 tit-for-tat nuclear tests aimed to snub a jeering eastern neighbor. Now the Western side spills patriotism and dignity amongst 188 million citizens of Pakistan -- literally meaning “Land of the Pure.” Call it the Green Spring if you will. Across the mighty Atlantic, a Nobel Peace laureate acts deaf and blind in the cozy confines of the White House. This time around, Commander-in-Chief Barack Obama’s pilots eliminated the soldiers of a friendly army instead of the usual, his Florida-operated drones releasing Hellfire missiles on suspected residents of mud huts in Godforsaken lands along the Pak-Afghan border. Read more