BISP Chairperson to visit Turkey / BISP Başkanı Türkiye’yi ziyaret edecek

ANKARA, 29 September 2011: In order to generate support for Pakistan’s largest public sector social safety net initiative, Chairperson of Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) Ms Farzana Raja, will be visiting Turkey from 3-6 October as Special Envoy of the President of Pakistan.
Leading a 5-member delegation, Ms Farzana Raja will be meeting with the Turkish leadership including H.E. President Abdullah Gul, Deputy Prime Minister H.E. Mr. Ali Babacan, Minister for Family & Social Welfare H.E. Mrs. Fatima Sahin, President of the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB) H.E. Mr. Rifat Hisarciklioglu and President of Housing Development Administration of Turkey (TOKI) Mr. Ahmet Haluk Karabet.
BISP is Pakistan’s national social safety net initiative, aimed at providing financial assistance to the poorest in order to promote human development and alleviate poverty through providing access to income generating activities. The programme has received praise and recognition in the international community.

Pakistan kamu sektörünün en büyük sosyal güvenlik ağı girişimine destek sağlamak amacıyla, Benazir Gelir Desteği Programı (BISP) Başkanı Bayan Farzana Raja, Pakistan Cumhurbaşkanı’nın Özel Temsilcisi olarak 3-6 Ekim tarihleri ​​arasında Türkiye'yi ziyaret edecek.
Sn.Farzana Raja beraberindeki 5 kişilik heyet ile Cumhurbaşkanı Sn.Abdullah Gül, Başbakan Yardımcısı Sn.Ali Babacan, Aile ve Sosyal Politikalar Bakanı Sn.Fatma Şahin, TOBB Başkanı Sn.Rifat Hisarcıklıoğlu ve TOKİ Başkanı Sn.Ahmet Haluk Karabel ile görüşecek.
Pakistan’ın ulusal sosyal güvenlik ağı girişimi olan BISP, insan gelişimini teşvik etmek ve fakirliği azaltmak amacıyla insanların gelir getirici faaliyetlere erişimlerini sağlayarak yoksul insanlara mali yardım sağlamayı amaçlıyor. Program, uluslararası toplumun övgüsünü ve takdirini kazanmıştır.

Kimse Yok Mu establishes tent city in South Pakistan flood affected areas, Pakistan's Minister for Information inaugurages

MIRPURKHAS, Pakistan, Sept 23: Pakistan’s Federal Information Minister Dr. Firdous Ashiq Awan here Friday evening inaugurated the Tent-City established by ‘KIMSE YOKMU’ - a Turkish NGO for the flood affectees.“Government of Pakistan is grateful to the Turkish Government, the NGO and the people for helping in the setting up of the relief camp,” she said in her remarks after inauguration of the relief camp. She said the people of Mirpurkhas will never forget the gesture of goodwill and support extended by the people of Turkey to the calamity hit district.
The Information Minister, who was on a whirlwind tour of worst affected districts of the province along with the representatives of international media, said that the Federal Government has taken relief measures in collaboration with National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA), Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA), the provincial and district governments, besides, the assistance of NGOs.
“International media team has been brought here so that they could themselves see the magnitude of the disaster and plight of people due to rains and floods,” she pointed out. She said that the international media could also help the government in highlighting the plight and miseries of people at international level so that they could extend their assistance to Pakistan through the platform of the United Nations.
In addition, she said that the NGOs are also being encouraged to run the relief camps and may also seek and manage relief work through international community in an effective manner. Federal Information Minister said that President Asif Ali Zardari was himself in touch with the district governments and elected representatives to ensure full monitoring of the relief work in the affected districts.
On the occasion, MNAs from Mirpurkhas Mir Munawar Talpur and Aftab Hussain Jilani briefed the Minister and the media team about the gravity of the situation and destruction caused by floods in Mirpurkhas and adjoining areas. They said that floods have completely destroyed the whole infrastructure and agriculture besides causing loss of human lives, livestock and destruction of houses.

Turkey - Pakistan joint military exercise "Ataturk-VII" begins at Cherat, Pakistan

Lieutenant General Waheed Arshad, Chief of General Staff performed the opening ceremony of Pakistan - Turkey Joint Training Exercise ATTATURK-VII-2011 at Cherat, in the Khyber Pukhtunkhwa province of Pakistan on 21st September 2011, says a press release of Pakistan's Inter Services Public Relations directorate.
While addressing the participating troops, the Pakistani General said that Pakistan and Turkey are joined together with deep and abiding bonds of friendship and brotherhood which have withstood the test of times. The special relationship between the two Armed Forces will be further strengthened by this Joint Exercise, he said. Urging the troops to excel in their field, he said that troops of both countries must benefit from each other’s combat experiences.
It may be noted that Special Forces of Pakistan and Turkey conduct joint training exercises each year, held alternately in Pakistan and Turkey. The exercise held in Pakistan is named as ATTATURK and that held in Turkey is called JINNAH.
Photo caption: Chief of General Staff Lieutenant General Waheed Arshad, addressing Special Forces of Pakistan and Turkey during opening ceremony of Joint Exercise ATTATURK-VII / 2011 at Cherat (21-09-2011)

Pakistancondemns terrorists attack at Ankara, Turkey

ANKARA, 22 September: The Government of Pakistan strongly condemns the terrorist attack in Ankaraon 20th September 2011 which killed three innocent civilians while injuring many others.The people and government of Pakistan fully share the grief of the brotherly people and the Government of Turkey and convey its sincere condolences to the bereaved families and prayers for speedyrecovery of the injured.
Pakistanand Turkey are both victims of terrorism. We stand by Turkey in the fight against terrorism. With determination and peoples’ support, we will defeat the evil forces of terrorism from our region – Inshallah.

Turkish support for flood affectees of Pakistan / Pakistan’daki selzedelere Türk desteği

ANKARA, 19 September 2011: The Turkish Red Crescent Society (Türk Kızılayı or Kızılay) will start distribution of food, tents, and hygiene items in the flood affected areas of Southern parts of Pakistan shortly. Food assistance is expected to begin tomorrow.
 In this connection, the Ambassador of Pakistan H.E. Mr. Haroon Shaukat held a meeting with the President Kizilay Mr. Ahmet Lutfi Akar and briefed him about the magnitude of this year’s heavy rains that has caused flooding in Southern parts of Sindh and Balochistan provinces.
 Mr. Akar informed that Kizilay will procure most of the relief supplies locally in Pakistan while some tents will be dispatched from Turkey. Turkish Kizilay is also exploring the possibilities of relocating a container town it earlier build for 2010 flood victims to a suitable location in the affected areas that will house about 3,000 families.
Ambassador Haroon said that rains have killed about 300 persons and have affected 6 million people. The floods have hit an area of 7,987,319 acres along left and right bank of the River Indus and fully damaged 539,899 houses. Over 80,000 livestock have been washed away by flood waters in Sindh and crops on 2,800,000 acres have been destroyed, he added.
While appreciating the exceptional support and solidarity of the Turkish nation and its leadership that it showed during the 2010 floods, Ambassador Haroon appealed for urgent assistance in face of current floods. He recalled that the Housing Development Administration of Turkey or TOKI alone is working on a project to construct 4,620 housing units with necessary 37 social facilities at a cost of US $ 136 million.
He said Prime Minister of Pakistan has cancelled his visit to the United States for attending UN General Assembly session and was currently touring the flood affected areas and monitoring the flood response himself.
The Government of Pakistan is utilizing all available resources at its disposal to cope with the effects of this disaster but the enormous scale of this disaster requires help from international community.

Pakistan’daki selzedelere Türk desteği
Türk Kızılayı yarından itibaren Pakistan’ın güneyinde selden etkilenen bölgelere yiyecek, çadır ve hijyenik malzeme dağıtımına başlayacak 
Bu çerçevede Pakistan’ın Türkiye Büyükelçisi Ekselansları Haroon Shaukat, Kızılay Başkanı Sn.Ahmet Lütfi Akar’la biraraya geldi ve bu sene yağan yağmurların şiddetiyle sel oluşan güney bölgeleri Sind ve Belucistan hakkında bilgi verdi. Akar, Kızılay’ın bazı malzemeleri yerel yollardan tedarik edeceğini, çadırların ise en kısa sürede Türkiye’den gönderileceğini söyledi.
Büyükelçi Haroon yağmurlar sebebiyle yaklaşık 300 kişinin hayatını kaybettiğini ve 6 milyon insanın etkilendiğini söyledi. Sel’in İndüs nehrinin sağ ve sol setlerini vurduğunu, yaklaşık 3,232,353 hektar alanı (7,987,319 acre) etkilediğini ve 539,899 eve zarar verdiğini söyledi. Sel’in Sind bölgesinde 80,000 hayvanı telef ettiğini ve 1,133,119 hektar (2,800,000 acre) ekili alanın zarar gördüğünü belirtti.
Türk halkının ve hükümetinin 2010 yılında yaşanan selden sonra yaptığı emsalsiz yardımları ve desteği öven Büyükelçi, Türkiye’nin ve diğer ulusların yaptığı yardımların adil ve şeffaf bir şekilde kullanıldığını ifade etti.
Pakistan Başbakanı’nın BM Genel Kurulu katılmak için yapacağı ABD gezisini iptal ettiğini ve selden etkilenen bölgeleri bizzat gezerek gözlemlerde bulunduğunu söyledi.
Pakistan Hükümetinin elindeki bütün imkanları seferber ederek felaketin etkileriyle başa çıkmaya çalıştığını, ancak felaketin boyutu düşünüldüğünde uluslararası kamuoyunun yardımına ihtiyaç duyulduğunu belirtti.

Pakistan’ın en büyük ticaret fuarı 20-23 Ekim tarihlerinde Karaçi’de gerçekleşecek, Pakistan’s largest trade fair to be held at Karachi from 20-23 October

Pakistan’ın en büyük ticaret fuarı  20-23 Ekim tarihlerinde Karaçi’de gerçekleşecek
Pakistan’ın en büyük ticaret fuarı “Expo Pakistan-2011” 20-23 Ekim 2011 tarihleri arasında Karaçi Expo Center’da, Pakistan Ticaret Geliştirme Kurumu’nun himayesinde gerçekleşecektir.
Fuar genel olarak uluslararası işadamlarına ve özellikle Türk  işadamlarına Pakistan’daki iş ufuklarını ve görüşlerini genişletmek için fırsatlar sunuyor. Fuar katılımcılara, ticaret yapmak ve ortaklık kurmak isteyen ziyaretçilere sayısız fırsatlar sunuyor. Bu fuar, Pakistan ihracat sektörü hakkında ilk elden bilgi almak için mükemmel bir fırsat olacak ve aynı zamanda 400’den fazla şirket ürünlerini sergilemek için hazır bulunacaktır.
Expo Pakistanyeni ittifaklar ve  ortaklıkları kurma fırsatı sunuyor. Ayrıca bu yılki etkinlik "Pakistan’da Yabancı Yatırım Olanakları ve İhracat" konulu bir konferansa ev sahipliği yapacak.
Konuya ilgi duyan işadamları ve yatırımcılar daha fazla bilgi edinmek, kayıt, otel rezervasyonu ve diğer ayrıntılar için Pakistan’ın İstanbul Başkonsolosluğundan veya Expo’nun internet  sitesinden  bilgi alabilirler.
Pakistan Başkonsolosluğu
Güllü Sok. No.20, 3.Levent / ISTANBUL
Tel: +90(212)324 58 27
Fax: +90(212)324 51 70
İlk kez 2005 yılında düzenlenmekle birlikte, 2010 expo 9.000’in üzerinde ziyaretçi çekti. 50 ülkeden 577 alıcı, meslektaşları ve odalarla 50 adet anlaşmaya imza koydu. Etkinlik neticesinde80 milyon doları aşan iş hacmi oluştu.
Rekabetçi üretim maliyetleri arayan, mega projelere ve yetişmiş insan kaynaklarına yatırım yapmak isteyen yatırımcı ve işadamları katılımlarını teyit ediyorlar.
Pakistan dünyanın 6.ncı büyük nüfusuna sahip ve yetişmiş insan kaynakları ve gelişen orta sınıfıyla yatırımcıları çekiyor. Vergi muafiyeti, karların ana yurda geri gönderilmesi, %100 yabancı özsermaye, fabrika, makina ve ekipmanda sadece % 0-5  gümrük vergisi, diğer teşvikler arasında sayılabilir.

Pakistan’s largest trade fair to be held at Karachi from 20-23 October

ANKARA, 13 September 2011:  Pakistan’s largest trade fair “Expo Pakistan-2011” will be held at Karachi Expo Centre from October 20-23, 2011 under the auspices of the Trade Development Authority of Pakistan.
The trade fair offers opportunities for international businessmen in general and Turkish businessmen in particular to expand their business horizon and profile in Pakistan. Opportunities exist as exhibitor, visitors for trade and partnership.  This event will be an excellent opportunity to gain first hand knowledge of Pakistani export sector as over 400 companies would display their products in the exhibition.
Expo Pakistan is an opportunity to forge new alliances and business ventures. This year’s event will also have a conference on “Foreign Investment Opportunities & Exports from Pakistan.”
Interested businessmen and investors may wish to contact Consulate General of Pakistan at Istanbul or Expo website for further information and assistance such as registration, hotel bookings and other arrangements:
            Consul General of Pakistan
20 / 3. Levent / ISTANBUL
Tel: +90(212)324 58 27
Fax: +90(212)324 51 70
First held in 2005, the 2010 expo attracted over 9,000 business visitors while 577 buyers from 50 countries attended and signed 50 agreements between counterpart associations and chambers. The event generated business of over US$ 80 million.
Investors and businessmen looking for competitive manufacturing costs case, investment in mega projects and trained human resource are confirming their participation.
Pakistan is ranked as the world’s 6th largest populous country and its trained human resource and growing middle class are attraction for foreign investors. Other incentives include tax holidays, repatriation of profits, 100% foreign equity and only 0-5% custom duty on plant, machinery and equipment.

Pakistan selzedelere yardım için bağış çağrısı yapıyor

ANKARA, 13 Eylül 2011: Pakistan ne yazık ki bir kez daha ölüm ve yıkıma sebep olan, muson yağmurlarının sebep olduğu benzeri görülmemiş sel tarafından vurulmuştur. Son felakette 200'den fazla kişi hayatını kaybetti, 4 milyondan fazla kişi evlerini terk etmek zorunda kaldı, 700.000’in üzerinde ev harap oldu, 1,618745 hektar (4 milyon akre) arazi sular altında kaldı ve 687,967 hektara (1,7 milyon akre) ekili ürün tahrip oldu. Pakistan 2010 yılında yaşanan yıkıcı sellerin etkilerinden kurtulmak üzereyken bu felaketle karşılaştı.
Pakistan hükümeti, selden etkilenen bölgelerde tam teşekküllü kurtarma ve yardım operasyonu başlattı. Felaketin ölçeği ve büyüklüğü göz önüne alındığında, dostların ve uluslararası toplumun yardımının gerektiği gözükmektedir. Selzedeler açık havada kurulan kamplarında acil yardım bekliyorlar.
Pakistan hükümeti, Türk hükümetinin ve kardeş halkının 2010 yılında selzedelere yaptığı cömert yardımlar için müteşekkirdir. Pakistan halkının bu zor zamanında, bir kez daha Türk hükümetinden ve halkından yardımlarını esirgememelerini rica ediyoruz.
Acil ihtiyaç duyulan malzemeler arasında su geçirmez çadır, gıda maddeleri, su arıtma tabletleri/sistemleri ve ilaçlar sayılabilir. Konuyla ilgili ayrıntılar Ulusal Afet Yönetim Kurumu’nun (NDMA) web sitesinden elde edilebilir,
Lütfen yardımlarınızı Türkiye’de yardım amacıyla açılan aşağıdaki hesaplara gönderiniz:
“Başbakanlık Sel Yardım Fonu - 2011”
 T.C. Ziraat Bankasi A.Ş.
Gaziosmanpaşa Şubesi, Şube Kodu: 920
Filistin Sok. No. 12, Ankara
ABD Doları Hesabı: 3457808-5014
Türk Lirası Hesabı: 3457808-5013

Pakistan appeals for donations to help the monsoon floods affectees

ANKARA, 12 September 2011:  Pakistan has unfortunately been again struck with floods due to unprecedented monsoon rains causing widespread death and destruction. Over 200 people have lost their lives, over 4 million people have been displaced, over 0.7 million houses have been destroyed, over 4 million acres of land inundated and crops on 1.7 million acres of land has been destroyed. These floods came at a time when Pakistan was yet to recover from the devastating affects of 2010 floods.
The Pakistani government has already launched a full-fledged rescue and relief operation in the affected areas. The scale and magnitude of the catastrophe requires help from friends and international community. The affected people at relief camps under the open sky are waiting for immediate assistance.
The government of Pakistan is indeed grateful to the Government and the brotherly people of Turkey for their generous support for the floods victims of 2010. We once again appeal to the government and people of Turkey to help people of Pakistan in this hour of need.
Urgent assistance is needed for water proof tents, food items, water purification tablets/plants and medicines. Specific details could be obtained from the website of National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) at
Please send your generous contributions to the following account that has been especially established in Turkey for this purpose:
            “Prime Minister’s Flood Relief Fund-2011”
US Dollar Account: 3457808-5014
Turkish Lira Account: 3457808-5013
T.C. Ziraat Bankasi A.Ş.
920 – Gaziosmanpaşa
Filistin Sok. No. 12, Ankara

FoDP workshop on institutional capacity building concludes, friends recognize Pakistan’s sacrifices, assure support

ANKARA, 9 September 2011:  Recognizing the sacrifices made by Pakistan in the global fight to the menace of terrorism and extremism, the Friends of Democratic Pakistan (FoDP) at the conclusion of a two workshop at Ankara pledged to work hand in hand with the Government of Pakistan for building institutional capacity and strengthening strategic partnerships with various institutions of Pakistan that will put Pakistan on the trajectory of development.
The working sessions of the workshop were co-chaired by Pakistan (represented by Senator Sughra Imam) with UN Special Representative for Assistance to Pakistan, and Turkey.
Mr. Arif Allauddin, Chief Executive Officer of Alternate Energy Development Board (AEDB) focused his energy sector presentation on the need to provide energy to 60 million Pakistanis who do not have access to power and 135 million that are slipping down the ladder for their heating and cooking needs. He said the best alternative to bridge the growing gap between supply and demand in electricity is to invest in alternate energy sources such as wind and solar. He shared with participants that there is 346,000 MW potential wind energy in Pakistan while 2.9 Million MW could be produced through tapping solar energy.
AEDB act as ONE WINDOW for assistance to all investors, service providers, importers and manufacturers. Mr. Arif updated the participants that in the wind energy sector and informed that 31 private projects are at various stages of development while a 6 MW project of a Turkish company is operational. “The Government of Pakistan has set a target of generating 1500 MW through wind energy by 2013 while financial close for 300 MW is expected in 2011,” said Mr. Arif. Similarly, in the solar energy sector, 5 projects of 114 MW have been initiated in the private sector and over 8000 homes in 80 villages have been electrified. AEDB Chief said solar energy sector offers best opportunities for investment and informed that accumulated annual growth in sales (2008-2010) for Photovoltaics was 300% and Solar Water Heaters 200%. He also shared data of potential small hydropower projects that are cost effective and environment friendly.
Dr. Javed Laghari, Chairman, Higher Education Commission gave an overview of the higher education sector. He said only 7% of the eligible age group have access to higher education, while there is great scope for partners to focus on the left-over 93% eligible people who are a great market, he added. He informed that with improvement in access and quality, five Pakistani universities are now internationally ranked among top 500 universities of the world by QS World University Rankings.

Chairman National Agricultural Research Council Dr. Iftikhar Ahmed in his briefing on agriculture sector enlightened participants about potential of agriculture sector to be an engine of growth. Pakistan’s agriculture sector employs 45% of labour force and contributes to about 21.5% of GDP. Enhancing institutional linkages programme would not only benefit Pakistan but also bring dividends for partner institutions from other countries. He cited ‘green revolution’ which was piloted in Pakistan but brought dividends for the entire world. Dr. Iftikhar said sub-sectors of crops, livestock, fisheries, irrigation and agricultural marketing need support from international community.
The discussion on security, moderated by Syed Shabbir Ahmad, Commandant of National Police Academy, focused on strengthening the capacity of law enforcement agencies. He gave an overview of the training institutions for LEAs. He informed that Pakistan has lost 30,000 persons in war on terror. This is in addition to the loss of lives of over 5000 law enforcement personnel. Economic impact for Pakistan is US $68 billion, he added.

Director General of National Vocational & Technical Education Commission Mr. Tariq Sharif Chak in his briefing said Pakistan is working to increase the capacity of technical and vocational training institutions from existing 315,000 to 950,000 persons as envisioned in its Medium Term Development Framework (MTDF 2008-2013). Challenge for Pakistan and development partners is to train the 37 million youth (aged 18-24) to ensure their employability and economic growth thus securing a bright future for their families and the country. “This huge reservoir could be a dividend for us and partners around the world, provided we ensure their proper technical training and job security,” emphasized Mr. Chak.
While reacting to a presentation made by Dr. Sikandar Hayat, Dean, National School of Public policy, participants agreed to strengthen the capacity of civil service of Pakistan that will help in better delivery of services shall also ensure the rule of law.
Senator Sughra Imam moderated the session on democracy while Member Parliament, Turkish Grant National Assembly Mr. Burhan Kayaturk and Member National Assembly Mr. Noor Alam Khan deliberated on the inclusion, government accountability, empowerment and involvement of citizens and fair representation especially women. They invited FoDP members’ partnership with relevant institutions of Pakistan.

Photo caption:Group photo of participants of FoDP workshop on institution capacity building, Ankara, 9 September 2011.

Statement by Co-chairs of FoDP workshop on instutition capacity building, Anakra, 8-9 September 2011


8-9 SEPTEMBER 2011


A workshop on Institution-Capacity Building, from the platform of the Friends of Democratic Pakistan (FoDP), was held in Ankara on 8-9 September 2011. The workshop was co-chaired from Pakistan side by Senator Syeda Sughra Imam, Advisor Policy Research Wing Prime Minister’s Secretariat and from the Turkish side by HE Mr. Halit Cevik Deputy Undersecretary and Mr. Osman Yavuzalp Deputy Director General Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The workshop was attended by representatives of FODP member countries/organizations and their relevant development institutions.   Pakistan’s institutions were represented by a high-level official delegation from all seven sectors identified for deliberations at the workshop. The workshop focused on (i) Agriculture; (ii) Energy; (iii) Higher Education; (iv) Technical Education; (v) Security; (vi) Governance; and (vii) Democracy (Parliamentary Institutions).   

A Message from HE Mr. Asif Ali Zardari President of Pakistan was read out by Senator Syeda Sughra Imam to the participants of the Workshop. 

In his statement, the Acting Governor State Bank of Pakistan expressed his gratitude to the Government of Turkey for hosting the workshop and for making excellent arrangements. He gave the perspective of the Government of Pakistan on the financial and institutional reforms as part of the overall strategy for economic growth and sustainable development. He also underlined the need for closer partnerships between various institutions of the FoDP countries and institutions in Pakistan.

Senator Sughra Imam stated that a roadmap for strategic approach needed to be drawn for sustained cooperation between Pakistan and FoDP members and to forge sustained institutional linkages. She underlined the need to take an in-depth review of existing areas of cooperation and the need to establish partnering relations to introduce best practice. She commended FoDP representatives in Islamabad for their sustained engagement in the Working Group meetings in the lead up to the workshop. The Senator also expressed her gratitude to H.E. Ambassador Rauf Engin Soysal, UN Secretary General’s Special Envoy for Assistance to Pakistan for making personal efforts and for being associated with the preparatory process throughout.  

HE Ambassador Halit Cevik Deputy Undersecretary of Foreign Affairs of Turkey said that the hosting of this workshop on Institution capacity building gave a clear message of Turkey’s support for the people and the Government of Pakistan. He underlined that the FoDP was a comprehensive process led by Pakistan uniquely tailored to address the needs of Pakistan. He emphasized the need to have a consistent engagement of the international community to assist Pakistan in strengthening its democratic institutions and to acknowledge the sacrifices made by Pakistan both in having devoted its material and human resources and the losses it had suffered to combat extremism and terrorism for global peace and security. He said Turkey was hopeful that the Ankara Workshop would serve to launch a long-term institutional partnering for Pakistan in accordance with its own national priorities.

Representatives of FoDP member countries and organizations reaffirmed their continued interest and commitment to assist Pakistan in its national development agenda. They stressed the need to further build on the valuable work done in the area of institution-capacity building by involving not only public sector but also private sector organizations for long term linkages. FoDP members expressed their resolve to share best practices of their various institutions with their equivalent organizations in Pakistan on sustainable basis.

They were of the view that the Workshop had identified areas in which Pakistan would need support from its international partners for sustained institutional linkages and partnerships in the future.       

Working sessions were held in which detailed presentations were made jointly by Pakistan’s institutions and FoDP members introducing flagship projects in these areas which the Government of Pakistan had identified for cooperation in institution-capacity building.

In the Session on Agriculture presentation highlighted Pakistan's institutional scientific knowledge base and research capabilities in agriculture which could be enhanced through cooperation with FODP members. The presentation demonstrated successes of Pakistani institutions in collaboration with international partners in agriculture research, development and technology. The Session also underscored that Agriculture-lead economic growth through Public Private Partnerships offers the most viable and sustainable institutional linkages that will create employment encourage entrepreneurship, and will help stakeholders at the farm level. It also underlined that newer models of out reach and linkages may be explored further based on experiences of FoDP members.

The Session on Energy focused on national energy needs and the energy deficit faced by Pakistan. A comprehensive briefing was given by AEDB covering all areas of energy and in particular on Renewable Energy potential in Pakistan.

The Session on Higher Education covered contextual background, demonstrated successes showcasing model partnerships with FoDP countries leading to future framework and opportunities in the higher education sector in Pakistan. The way forward for the advancement of higher education was also highlighted in the presentation.

The Session on Technical Education demonstrated the needs of Pakistan and existing possibilities of cooperation with the FoDP countries in the targeted areas.

In the Session on Security, presenters noted the existing security cooperation with FoDP members and proposed areas of cooperation. It was also noted that there is a scope for expanded assistance and partnerships.    

In the Session on Governance, the presenters highlighted the need for institutional collaboration and partnerships between the public policy institutions of governance in Pakistan and their counterpart institutions in FoDP countries to develop institutional capacity building.

The Session on Democracy highlighted the demonstrated successes of exchanges between the Parliament of Pakistan and Parliaments in FoDP countries. The Session also discussed the engagement anchored in standing committees, parliamentary associations, women parliamentary caucuses and young parliamentary associations.  

Way Forward

·    Based on deliberations and presentations made at the workshop, a roadmap will be prepared on priority areas for institution-capacity building led by Pakistan in the broader framework of institutional reforms. To this effect a Report on Cooperation on Institution- Capacity Building with the FODP members will be prepared by Pakistan. 

·        The Working Group on Institution-Capacity Building will be convened in Islamabad on regular basis to prepare a draft of the FoDP Report on Cooperation on Institution-Capacity Building.

·        The report will be presented to the next Ministerial Meeting of the FoDP.

·        FoDP members are encouraged for match-making of their institutions with the respective institutions of Pakistan for sustained linkages to assist in achieving the objectives of institution-capacity building 

Senator Syeda Sughra Imam and HE Ambassador Rauf Engin Soysal delivered their concluding remarks expressing their appreciation for the FoDP representatives and their fruitful contribution during deliberations in the Workshop. The representatives of FoDP thanked the Government Turkey for organizing the Workshop in Ankara and for making excellent arrangements.


09 September 2011        

President of Pakistan message for FoDP Workshop on Institutional Capacity Building of Pakistan, 8-9 September 2011

It gives me a great pleasure to convey my appreciation to all friends of democratic Pakistan whose continued support has kept the FoDP process and its spirit alive since September 2008 when we launched this unique initiative in New York.

The FoDP was established as an expression of international support for democracy in Pakistan, which was restored in March 2008. Since then, Pakistan has made an impressive progress in all areas of life. Nevertheless, a lot remains to be done to fully realise our national agenda of peace and development. We expect the international community to appreciate our achievements in the backdrop of enormous challenges confronting Pakistan.
We have been counting on the support of our friends, and we deeply value their contributions. However, the full potential of the FoDP process has yet to be realised. We must build on the momentum that has been generated during the past three years.
Long-term institutional partnerships for capacity building have been one of our top priorities with the view to enhancing the capacity of our institutions. These networks are of immense value in sharing best practices. We hope the FoDP process will further boost the existing linkages.
I am confident the Ankara Workshop will open up new vistas of collaboration at the institutional level between Pakistan and FoDP partners. Pakistan is a country blessed with enormous potential. This workshop should go a long way in creating institutional linkages that help Pakistan to consolidate democratic practices from national to the grass-roots level.
I wish to thank all FoDP partners for attending this important workshop. We are especially grateful to the Government of Turkey for hosting and co-chairing this event. I wish the workshop a great success.
Photo caption: President Zardari co-chairing the Friends of Democratic Pakistan (FoDP) meeting with US President Barack Obama and British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, New York, September 2009

Institutional Framework of PakistanGuarantor for Economic Growth – Governor State Bank of Pakistan

ANKARA, 8 September 2011: Governor State Bank of Pakistan Mr. Yaseen Anwar while addressing the inaugural session of Friends of Democratic Pakistan (FoDP) workshop on institutional capacity building at Ankara today said the dynamic macro-economic framework of Pakistan is a guarantor of future growth.
The Governor said international community should continue supporting Pakistanin its endeavours to further strengthening the institutional framework. Terrorism has not dampened the spirit of Pakistani citizens. Pakistan’s energy, agriculture, infrastructure and banking sectors have tremendous scope for growth.
“Despite the challenges, foreign investors have not lost a single penny and are regularly repatriating profits overseas,” said Mr. Anwar. He informed the participants that Thar Coal in Sindh Province has the potential to generate 65-times more energy than the present requirements of Pakistan. Pakistan is the 4th largest milk producer and the dairy sector still offers immense opportunities for growth and investment, he added.
He said international economic experts in their recent assessment have termed Pakistan’s banking regulatory policies as No.1 in the world. With 85% of banking operations conducted by private banks, Pakistan’s financial sector is an attractive market, he added.
Senator Syeda Sughra Imam, in her address said continuing support of the international community was necessary for institutional capacity building that will lead to sustained economic development of Pakistan.
She read out message of the President of Pakistan. The President in his message said “We are counting on the support of our friends and we deeply value their contributions. Long-term institutional partnerships for capacity building have been one of our top priorities with the view to enhancing the capacity of our institutions.”
Senator Imam identified agriculture, energy, higher and technical education, governance, security and democracy as key areas for institutional capacity building. With strong democratic institutions and with friends support, Pakistanwould overcome the current challenges and would sustain and increase the momentum of equitable economic growth.
Deputy Undersecretary of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey, H.E. Mr. Halit Cevik in his welcome address said friends of Pakistan are willing to share expertise and establish institutional linkages which will not only help Pakistan but shall have utility for the whole region.
Representatives of the FoDP countries assured their fullest support for Pakistanin its endeavours of reforms and institutional strengthening. UN Special Representative for Assistance to Pakistan, members of the FoDP including Australia, Canada, Denmark, Egypt, France, Germany, Japan, Korea, Republic of Korea, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom, USA and international organizations including the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, European Union, United Nations and its Agencies attended the workshop.
The opening session was followed by working sessions on agriculture, energy, higher education, technical & vocational education, and security.

Photo caption:

Senator Syeda Sughra Imam, Chairing the Friends of Democratic Pakistan (FoDP) Working Group on Institution Capacity Buildingat Ankara on 8 September. Seen in the picture on right are Member National Assembly of Pakistan Mr. Noor Alam, and Ambassador of Pakistan to Turkey H.E. Mr. Haroon Shaukat

Pakistan looking forward for increased Turkish investment

ANKARA, 8 September 2011: Senator Syeda Sughra Imam in her meeting with Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey Mr. Bulent Arinç at Ankara on Wednesday evening invited more Turkish investment in renewable energy and other productive sectors of economy.
Senator Sughra Imam, Chairperson of the Friends of Democratic Pakistan (FoDP) Working Group on Institution Capacity Building is leading a Pakistani delegation to FoDP  workshop on institutional capacity building hosted by Turkey at Ankara on 8-9 September.
While terming the historical bilateral relations between Pakistan and Turkey as exemplary, both sides agreed on the need to further strengthen economic cooperation and enhance parliamentary and cultural exchange programmes
Senator Imam conveyed the greetings of Pakistani leadership to the Turkish leadership for Turkey’s active participation in FoDP process and hosting the workshop which she hoped will set the future agenda of substantive collaboration between institutions in Pakistan and FoDP countries and organizations in general and Turkey in particular.
Referring to increasing Turkish investment in Pakistan, Ms Sughra Imam said M/s Zorlu of Turkey is the first foreign investor to start wind-farm in the renewable energy sector. She said Pakistan would welcome more participation from Turkey and FoDP countries in the renewable energy as well as hydro electricity sector. She appreciated Turkey for taking keen interest in the agriculture and construction sectors. She lauded Turkey for establishing vocational training institution for agriculture through Turkish Cooperation & Development Agency (TIKA).
Mr. Bulent Arinç said that Turkey will encourage Turkish Universities to open campuses in Pakistan and enter into partnership and linkage programmes with Pakistani universities. Pakistan is important country for Turkey and the new projects in connectivity such as Gul Train from Islamabad to Istanbul, currency swap arrangements, and increasing frequency of flights between the two countries will result into enhanced economic activities, the Turkish Deputy Premier added.


Photo1: A group photo of visiting Pakistan delegation with Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey Mr. Bulent Arinç at Ankara on 7 September 2011.
Photo2: Pakistani delegation led by Senator Syeda Sughra Imam with Turkish delegation led by Deputy Prime Minister Mr. Mr. Bulent Arinç at Ankara on Wednesday.

Turkey to host FoDP workshop on institutional capacity building

ANAKRA, 7 September 2011:  Senator Syeda Sughra Imam shall lead Pakistan delegation to the Friends of Democratic Pakistan (FoDP) workshop on institutional capacity building hosted by Turkey in Ankara from 8-9 September.
The 12-member Pakistan delegation includes Member National Assembly of Pakistan Mr. Noor Alam Khan, Deputy Chairman Planning Commission Dr. Nadeem-ul-Haq, Chairman Higher Education Commission Dr. Javaid R. Laghari, Alternate Energy Development Board’s CEO Mr. Arif Alaudin, Chairman Pakistan Agricultural Research Council Dr. Iftikhar Ahmed, Advisor Higher Education Commission Syed Talat Khurshid, Dean of National School of Public Policy Dr. Sikandar Hayat, Commandant National Police Academy Syed Shabbir Ahmad and Director General of National Vocational & Technical Education Commission Mr. Tariq Sharif Chak.
The workshop will have interactive sessions on energy, agriculture, democracy, governance, higher education, technical education, and security. Sectoral experts from FoDP member countries will attend the workshop.
FoDP aims to support the strengthening of democracy in Pakistan as well as socio economic development in the country. The group was launched in New York on 26 September 2008 on the side lines of the United Nations General Assembly session. FoDP’s meetings, projects and activities are critical for Pakistan’s long-term socio-economic development.