Parliament of Pakistan passes unanimous resolutions expressing strong support and solidarity with Turkey

ANKARA, 3 August 2016: Both the houses of the Parliament of Pakistan have separately passed unanimous resolutions expressing strong support and solidarity with the President, elected government, Parliament, democratic institutions, and people of Turkey in resolutely defeating the coup attempt on 15 July and protecting democracy. Pakistan Parliament is among the first foreign elected bodies to have passed such unanimous resolutions.

Text of the resolution of Senate of Pakistan:

“The Senate places on record and demonstrate its solidarity with the democratic government and great people of Turkey.  The Senate admires, congratulates and pays its tribute to the brave people of Turkey who displayed an uncommon courage by upholding democratic norms and defeated military coup and saved their country from anarchy and civil war. It was so moving to see common Turk took to streets and world witnessed that human flesh stopped steel Tanks on just a single call of their leader, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.  We admire all opposition political parties for their historical and unprecedented resolve to protect democracy. We stand by our brotherly country in this very defining moment of their political history and pray for those who lost their lives for a just cause of defending the future of their country.”

Text of resolution of the National Assembly of Pakistan:

“This House wishes to place on record its solidarity with the Parliament and the democratic government of Turkey and admiration of the brotherly people of Turkey for defeating the coup attempt on 15th July 2016. This House felicitates and pays tribute to the brave people of Turkey who, setting aside political differences, displayed enormous courage and determination to demonstrate their resolve to protect democratic norms and uphold the rule of law. This house extends its sincere condolences to the bereaved families who lost their loved ones during the crisis. This House highly values the strong historic ties between Turkey and Pakistan. It deeply appreciates Turkey’s steadfast support to Pakistan on all occasions and conveys its full support and best wishes to the people of Turkey.”

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